Are you engaging in a silent yet financially deadly practice? Distribution centers overlooking regular roofing inspections could save thousands with preventative care and isothermal imaging.

Regular, expensive, labor-intensive and time-consuming surveying by roofing experts used to be the only way to prevent roof damage. But now with infrared camera surveying, you can almost instantly see where problems may be starting to appear. Like in any problematic situation, it’s best to take care of a challenge when it is manageable. Using infrared photography reveals a flat roof warehouse problem that is just starting to take shape.

Does your warehouse need regular preventative maintenance? Yes, it does!

Like Superman’s x-ray vision, infrared cameras literally see through walls, roofs and other structures to reveal the inner health of a building. Before the invention of infrared cameras, a building manager typically had only one way of knowing if the warehouse’s flat roof leaked when without warning, the ceiling caved in.

Infrared thermography roofing experts help warehouse and DC managers detect roof leaks caused by moisture build-up or mold, which can invisibly erode a building’s structure. Buildings with flat roofs are particularly hard to maintain and require preventative maintenance. Infrared cameras can be a lifesaver for your business.

What does a roof thermographer do?

A roofing thermographer will take an infrared camera and locate areas on a roof or in walls. The photographs use isothermal images to reveal where moisture has settled before it can become an issue. If you are a warehouse or operations manager, consider looking into a certified thermographer who specializes in roofing – it could be one of the best investments in your warehouse!

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