Automated Warehousing Robots

Want to know about warehouse robots and current trends to watch? They can make your warehouse run better. Check it out!

Warehouse Distribution Changes

Innovation in business has always been a key to success and warehousing has certainly seen its share. Here's a look at what kind of improvements you'll see in warehouse and distributions services in 2018 and the years to come.

Efficient Warehousing Services

Your supply chain warehousing services can save your business from becoming chaotic. Invest in quality warehousing to stay profitable.

Hiring Qualified Warehouse Staff

If you have a warehouse, chances are you already know finding the right staff can be challenging. When it comes to warehouse staffing, you need trained, experienced and motivated people. Here's some tips on how to find staff that is the right fit for your warehouse.

Smart warehousing using drones

What is smart warehousing? It’s an electronic way to keep track of things stored in your warehouse. The IT age is here to stay. Learn more.

Food Grade Warehousing

Do you need food grade warehousing to sustain your edible products? Check out these storage standards that can help sustain your product’s profits.

Warehousing Services Help Your Company Grow

Can warehousing services really help you sleep better at night?

As your business grows, so does your need for space. While there are many solutions for maximizing the space in your warehouse, what happens when you reach full capacity? Are you going to stop growing? No. Are you going to build or rent more space? Probably so. But, how do you know when it’s time to give yourself some extra room?

Jacksonville, FL - July 13, 2017

It has been a great year for Grimes Warehousing Services! Our warehousing company is celebrating two years of warehouse safety with no lost-time incidents or accidents! Going two years without any lost-time accidents is a remarkable accomplishment in the warehousing industry. So how does one of the fastest growing warehouse companies in Jacksonville maintain its high safety standards?


Jacksonville, FL – July 19, 2016 The Grimes Companies are pleased to announce that Grimes Warehousing Services was just recognized as one of the 50 Fastest Private Sector Companies in Northeast Florida in 2016 by the Jacksonville Business Journal (JBJ).


Commercial Warehousing and Distribution Services in Jacksonville, Florida

Barcode scanning • Customs bonded storage • bulk storage racks • rack storage • case pick • HAZMAT import • chemical storage • clamp • climate control • container stripping • container stuffing • public warehousing • contract warehousing • cross docking • customs bonded • dedicated square footage • devanning • distribution • drum handling • drums • EDI capable • commercial warehouse • export • FDA • USDA inspection & stamping • food safety and inspection service • flex space & flexibility • food grade • fulfillment • Logimax • WMS system • long term storage • overnight storage • online inventory access order processing • order picking • pails • weekly audit • lot tracking • palletizing • Non-standard pallet size • pest control • on-site maintenance • sanitation • pick/pack • picking • product sampling • public warehousing quality control • rail car • rail sided • short term storage shrink wrapping • slip sheet • specialized equipment • supply chain • totes • transloading • delayed shipments & appointments • shifted load

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Founded in 1972, Grimes Warehousing Services offers customized 3PL warehousing solutions in Jacksonville, FL. We operate multiple commercial warehouses in Jacksonville, FL and can accommodate your product's special needs. Contact Grimes Warehousing today for competitive rates on Jacksonville warehousing services!



The Grimes Companies currently operates both public and contract warehouses, light manufacturing and packaging operations, and warehouse staffing services from our company headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida. With trucking terminals in Jacksonville and Atlanta, Grimes offers a simplified solution for all of your logistics and supply chain needs.

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Award-winning trucking company with terminals in Atlanta, GA & Jacksonville, FL. We are your Southeast carrier.

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Florida co-packing & contract packaging company offering services in a food grade warehouse facility.

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Powering your supply chain with skilled employees trained and vetted by our staffing agency.